Chicago Santacon

Celebrating 12 years in Chicago!!!

Santacon will come back to town: December 2, 2017!

 SantaCon is FREE and open to everyone aged 21 and over.  You don't need to register in advance and you can join us any time.  We follow our schedule VERY closely so just go to the right place at the right time and you'll see us!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...and he needs a drink!  SantaCon is a weird and wonderful annual bar crawl through the heart of downtown Chicago.  Our crew launched the original Chicago SantaCon in 2005 and 2017 marks our 12th year!

All Santas must follow the

4 F's of Santacon:

Don’t f**k with kids.
Don’t f**k with cops.
Don’t f**k with security.
Don’t f**k with Santa.

Santa Suits or other Christmas-themed outfits are required.  A Santa hat from the Dollar Store won't cut it ya' lazy bums.  Most Santas prefer this basic suit from Party City but homemade costumes are always welcome.